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Nelson Airport Parking

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Nelson Airport Parking

Nelson Airport

Are you flying from Nelson Airport soon? Looking for airport parking? ParkCare is the best place to be for affordable and high-quality airport parking. Getting to the airport can be stressful, it can be much easier to simply drive to the airport. Luckily, with ParkCare you can have the convenience of being able to drive straight to the airport, without need of public transport, and at inexpensive prices. This is because we offer a comparison tool that lets you look at many parking providers at Nelson. Meaning you can compare between a variety of car parks until one matches your every need and requirement. This can be based of multiple factors such as parking type, facilities, additional services, opening hours and more. By doing this all on one site you save time, as all information and related car parks can be found in one place. This also makes booking parking much easier.

ParkCare has a wide range of providers ready for you to use, whether this is for short or long term parking. No matter the length of your stay you can choose between a variety of parking types, depending on what you want from the parking. Some of the most common parking types found at Nelson Airport is shuttle parking and valet parking. All of these providers and their subsequent services, have been checked regularly by us. ParkCare has high standards for security, quality and service. So you can be sure of getting the best when browsing through the parking options, giving you more freedom to prioritise other factors. This way you also have peace of mind when booking a parking space, as you know we have thoroughly checked the provider.

Here at ParkCare we care deeply about our customers and always have their interests in mind. With this, our (over) 60,000 trusted customers have left reviews which can be of great use to you. As each provider page will contain reviews about the specific car park, you will be given a realistic and honest insight into the provider. Also from the reviews and feedback left by our customers we are able to see that 95% of customers recommend our service. Due to our competitive pricing, convenience and overall quality. To find out more about parking at Nelson Airport then carry on reading, or learn about the other available airports in New Zealand. If you need any help then you can always visit our FAQ or contact us.

Useful information for parking at Nelson Airport

🚗 Number of parking lots: 3 parking lots
⭐ Best rated: Car Storage Nelson
✈️ Closest to airport: Car Storage Nelson

Cheap Parking at Nelson Airport

At ParkCare we believe that money should be spent on your travels/holiday and not on parking. This is why our team works hard to find all the best deals for airport parking. You don't have to worry about the Nelson Airport parking rates as we always offer the lowest price possible, with no additional booking fees. This is because of our close and good relationship with the parking providers. This relationship means we don't take any commission from the provider on your booking, and so we have no need for service charges. Our close ties with the providers also mean that we can beat or match their original prices, and thus our competitors.

This means when you are booking airport parking for Nelson Airport, that you can be ensured of always getting the best price possible. Letting you browse and compare all the providers, until one matches all your needs and requirements.

Our customers always come first


ParkCare always places importance on customer interests and satisfaction. Meaning we are always here to help you with any question or problem, or even just to help you find affordable and high-quality parking. You can be completely sure that your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority. This is also why we take reviews seriously. ParkCare only has honest and real reviews available. So that we can see our customer satisfaction but also so you can see what actual customers thought of our service and the specific parking providers. Currently among our 60 000+ happy customers, 96% recommend our services to find inexpensive airport parking.

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The team at ParkCare work extremely hard to make sure that the best parking providers and the best prices are found for you. By always offering the lowest price for our large selection of parking options you can be sure to find the best parking space for you, no matter your requirements. We also aim to make booking parking a much easier and quicker process for better convenience for everyone. This is why it only takes a few minutes to reserve with us. If you have any questions for us or need help then feel free to get in contact. Our lovely customer service team is always waiting to help you with anything needed.

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Where are the car parks located?

Map of parking providers airport Nelson Airport

We have added a map to highlight all the official parking lots at Nelson Airport. There are two options right at the airport, one designed for shorter stays and the other for long term parking. These parking lots are called official as they are conducted by the airport itself. Therefore, their close proximity to the airport and being operated by the airport, make them a more expensive choice.

If you wish to find more inexpensive parking then unofficial parking providers are best for you. This is because they are further from the airport and have no affiliation. Not to worry though, as they tend to offer valet or shuttle services which will get you to the airport in no time and at no additional cost. Although low in price, these unofficial parking providers still have high quality. Every provider is checked by ParkCare so you can always be sure of getting the best and safest parking.

How to find the best parking space?

Booking airport parking at Nelson Airport only takes a few minutes with ParkCare. It can be directly on our site, meaning the whole reservation process is compltely online. To make booking even easier for you we have added a step by step guide on how to search for parking at the airport, compare between providers, pick the best parking and then pay. If you run into any problems whilst making a reservation then either check out our FAQ or contact our customer service.

The first step, on our homepage, is to choose which airport you are flying out from and then enter your flight details. This is done on our comparison tool. Once you have filled this in you can click the 'search' button. You will then be taken to a page filled with all the available parking providers during your specific dates.

Now that you have been taken to the page filled with all the parking providers, it is time to start comparing between them until the best one is found for you. To make it simpler you can use our filter tool. This will allow you to filter your searches, like parking type. When comparing the providers you should keep a few things in mind. Such as opening hours, facilities, extra services, security and location. This will help you find the best parking for what you specifically want. You can also read the honest reviews left by previous customers of each parking provider. Helping you make a more informed decision.

Once you have found the parking provider that matches all your needs, you can book a space directly on our site. This is done by pressing on the 'reserve' button. Then you will have to fill in all the needed information, for both ParkCare and for the provider. This only takes a minute. You can then pick a preferred payment method and pay securely.

The very final step to booking a parking space is to ensure that your reservation has gone through. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive a booking confirmation via email. This will be sent to the email address you filled in whilst making the reservation. If you have issues finding the email then please check your spam folder. It is vital to keep this email safe as it has a lot of important information. Including the contact details of the parking provider which you will need.

The different types of parking available

ParkCare has many parking services available for you at Nelson Airport. Below you will find these options, along with a description of what they mean and their specific process. It is important to read this carefully as different parking types will match different needs and requirements. For example, for those that want to save the most money, shuttle parking is one of the best options.

A popular choice for airport parking at Nelson Airport is shuttle parking. This is often because of the lower prices that are offered for this service. It tends to be cheaper as the parking provider is located further away from the airport. This is obviously not to worry as a shuttle will be able to get you to the airport in no time. To park with this service all you must do is drive to the parking lot, take your luggage and board a complimentary shuttle-bus. Keeping parking easy and simple.

When you are returning to your car, you have to call the provider and arrange a pick-up time. Then you can be transported back to your car by shuttle, where you can collect your car and continue on with your day.

Valet parking is a more premium service when it comes to parking. This is because it is so convenient and adds no extra time to your travel day. The service works by you driving directly to the airport, then a member of staff from the provider will help you with your bags. Once this is all done the staff will take your car to the parking lot, where it will be kept safe. This means that you only have to drive to the airport and then can continue on with your day of travels.

Upon returning to Nelson, you simply contact the provider and decide on a pick-up time and location. Then when you leave the airport, your car will be waiting for you at the arranged time and place. Adding, again, no extra time.

If you wish to be close to the airport then park & walk is the parking type for you. This is because the parking is so close to the airport than you can actually just walk in a couple of minutes. The process for using this service is extremely easy, as all you have to do is drive to the parking provider, park your car and then walk to the airport. Meaning you have more control over your time and can get to the airport quickly.

When you are returning to your car you just follow this process but in reverse. You just have to walk to the provider, collect your car and carry on with your day.

Do you live far away from Nelson Airport? Do you have a flight early in the morning? If so then park, sleep and fly is a great choice for you. This is because you stay overnight at a hotel, that is close to the airport, before your flight. Therefore, this service works by arriving at the hotel and parking your car. You then stay the night and take the hotel transport to the airport. During the time you are away, your car will stay safely parked at the hotel. This gives you reassurance of knowing exactly where your car is, without any extra steps.

When returning to your car you need to call the hotel staff and arrange for transport back to the hotel. On the day you arrive back you can either stay another night at the hotel or just take your car.

The parking providers at Nelson Airport

On our site you can find many amazing parking providers available at Nelson Airport. To make this easier for you we have placed some options below, with a brief description about that specific parking provider. If you find one of the providers already matches all your needs and requirements then book it directly by clicking on the 'reserve' button. You can also click this button if you just wish to read more about the provider, and see all the pros and cons of the parking. If you do not find a parking provider then go to our home-page and fill in your flight details, you will then get a list of all the parking providers that have spaces free during your travel dates. It is important to remember that all providers get regularly checked by us, so you can browse and compare freely knowing that you will get the best quality and service.

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FAQ Nelson Airport Parking

Yes, among the many options for parking at Nelson Airport there is park & walk. Park & Walk is extremely easy and convenient, as you simply park your car and walk straight to the airport. This service is offered by Zoom Airport Parking, the walk from this provider to the airport takes only three minutes.

Not with ParkCare. Our site has a lowest price guarantee, in which we only offer the very best price possible. We also have no additional booking fees, meaning you don't have to pay a service charge for getting such amazing deals.

This depends on you and what you are specifically looking for. ParkCare lets you compare between a variety of parking providers that are available at Nelson Airport, this means you can choose the best parking that matches all your needs. There are also many parking types like valet, shuttle and more. With all these options you are sure to find the best parking for Nelson Airport.

This depends on the specific parking provider that you decide to park with. Services such as valet will require your keys, in which they will be kept safe whilst you travel. Additionally, if you pay for additional services (like interior car cleaning) then you will be required to hand over your keys.

Currently the main parking types found at Nelson Airport is park & walk and shuttle parking. Both parking types are convenient, affordable and located close to the airport. As ParkCare is always looking to expand with new providers, more parking types are sure to come soon.

Most of our parking providers offer both short and long term parking, so you can have more freedom to browse among all the options. You can also use our comparison tool, on our home page, to enter the dates you need parking. You will then be taken to a page filled with only the available parking lots. If you need further help then get in contact with us!

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