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Wellington Airport Parking

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Useful information for parking at Wellington Airport

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Parking at Wellington Airport

Do you need airport parking at Wellington? Then ParkCare is the place to be. On our site you can compare a wide selection of high-quality and cheap Wellington Airport car park's. You can then book a space directly in just a few minutes.

All the parking we offer at Wellington Airport is safe and secure. Our team regularly checks the parking providers to ensure you get the best quality and security. We also work hard to secure you the best deal, by always offer the lowest price. You can find more out about our pricing and the car parks by reading this page.


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  2. Wellington Airport Parking Rates
  3. Long Term Parking at Wellington Airport
  4. What You Need to Know About Parking at Wellington Airport
  5. How Does Booking Parking at Wellington Airport Work with ParkCare
  6. The Different Wellington Airport Car Parking Options
  7. Wellington Airport Car Parks
  8. Wellington Airport Parking FAQ

Cheap Airport Parking Wellington

You can easily find the best parking prices for Wellington Airport right here! ParkCare has a lowest price guarantee, which ensures that you are always getting the best deal. There are also no booking fees when you make a reservation with us, keeping our costs low. For the best parking rates, we also highly recommend booking in advance. Booking in advance not only lets you have a wider choice of parking providers, but it also means you avoid the late last-minute costs.

Wellington Airport Parking Rates

Please look below to see a cost overview of parking near Wellington Airport. These prices are based on 7 days of parking. To learn more about a car park, simply click on the name of the provider.

Parking Provider Price for 7 days Distance to airport Indoor / Outdoor Parking type Opening hours
Park N Depart Wellington 136,00 3 min Outdoor Park and Ride Open 24 hours

* Wellington Airport parking prices may vary depending on the period. The data is calculated for the period from 04/07/2024 till the 11/07/2024 and shows the cheapest offer per parking provider. Read more about the the Parking Rates for Wellington Airport.

Long Term Parking at Wellington Airport

You can find the best long term car parks at Wellington Airport with ParkCare. Simply enter your travel dates and time into the comparison tool and press search. You will then be able to see all the parking options for your long stay. Booking long term parking is also incredibly affordable on our site. This is because the daily rate for parking can typically decrease when you reserve for longer. Just wanting to book overnight parking at Wellington Airport, or general short term parking? No worries, our parking providers can accommodate your short or long stay.

Our customers always come first


ParkCare always places importance on customer interests and satisfaction. Meaning we are always here to help you with any question or problem, or even just to help you find affordable and high-quality parking. You can be completely sure that your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority. This is also why we take reviews seriously. ParkCare only has honest and real reviews available. So that we can see our customer satisfaction but also so you can see what actual customers thought of our service and the specific parking providers. Currently among our 60 000+ happy customers, 96% recommend our services to find inexpensive airport parking.

What You Need to Know About Parking at Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport is the third-busiest airport in New Zealand, with almost 7 million passengers every year. Therefore, to prepare you for your trip from Wellington Airport we will provide you with some essential information about the airport, and its parking. You can find this below.

Preparing for Your Trip

For the best experience at Wellington Airport it is wise to plan your trip in advance. The first factor to consider is how you are getting to the airport. If you opt to drive to the airport then make sure to book your parking in advance. This can be done in a few minutes on our site, with the comparison tool. If it is preferred to take public transport to the airport, then you can read our advice below. However, either way, ensure that you leave enough time to get to the airport – with travel time considered. For domestic travellers, it is recommended to arrive 2 hours before your flight. For international travellers, it is recommended to be at the airport 3–4 hours before your flight.

To save yourself more time at the airport, and avoid potential large queues, we also highly suggest checking-in online for Wellington Airport.

Public Transport to Wellington Airport

If you would like to utilise public transport for getting to the airport then you have a few options. There is an Airport Express bus service that goes from Wellington Station to Wellington International Airport. From the station, the bus takes around 25 minutes. If you are considering taking the bus then it is best to look at the Wellington Airport bus timetable to see your specific options. You can also opt for taking a taxi or Uber to Wellington Airport. However, if you are travelling for only a few days it can actually be cheaper to book parking then get a taxi to and from the airport.

Loyalty Programmes

Are you a frequent flyer from Wellington Airport? Then it is very likely that you will benefit from the many loyalty programmes. A lot of the parking providers at Wellington Airport offer loyalty programmes so that you can save big on your parking. Other benefits also include; priority access, additional services, and more.

How Does Booking Parking at Wellington Airport Work with ParkCare?

We make sure that booking a parking spot is easy and quick for everyone, which is why it only takes a few minutes to reserve with us. Below you can find the step-by-step guide on how our booking process works. This will explain how to search for parking, compare between all the options and pay for parking at Wellington Airport.

First you must choose the airport you are flying from. Then enter your flight details. This includes your travel dates and times. This can be done in the comparison tool, which can be found at the top of this page or on our homepage. Once you have entered all this information you can click the 'search' button.

Next, you will be taken to a page filled with the parking providers that are available during your dates. On this page you can compare between your parking options. Therefore, you can look at specific services, opening hours, and locations to find what best suits you. Comparing will also help you find the best price for your own personal budget. You can even make comparing easier with our filter tool. This will let you search for specific parking types, such as valet.

When you have found the perfect parking space for you, you can reserve it online. This can be directly on our site by clicking on the 'reserve' button. Then you will need to fill in all the information that is needed by us and the provider. You can then pick a payment method and securely pay.

Once your payment has successfully gone through and been received by us, you will be sent a booking confirmation. This is sent to the email you filled in whilst making the booking. If you can't locate the email then please check your spam folder and if you can still not find it then please contact us. As the email has a lot of information about your booking and the car park, it is important to keep it safe. We recommend printing out a physical copy of the confirmation. Once you have received the email the booking process is complete, and you just need to park on the day!

The Different Wellington Airport Car Parking Options

ParkCare has many parking services for Wellington Airport. You can find these options below with a quick description of how they work and what they include. Reading these descriptions can be very useful as it explains which type is best suited for certain requirements. For example, for those on a stricter budget, Park and Ride is one of the best options. To get more information on a certain parking type, click the attached button.

For Wellington Airport, Park and Ride is one of the most popular choices for parking. This is often because of the ease and low prices that this parking type offers. Park and Ride works by you driving to the car park, taking your bags and boarding a free shuttle bus to the airport. When returning to Wellington you simply have to call the provider and arrange for the shuttle bus to pick you up. Then you and your bags will be transported back to your car.

Read more about Park and Ride parking at Wellington Airport

For those wanting the most stress-free and premium parking option for Wellington Airport, we recommend valet parking. This parking type works by you driving straight to the airport, where a staff member will meet you and help you with your bags. They will then drive your car to the provider location and safely park your car. When returning to Wellington you just have to contact the staff at the provider and organise a pick-up time. Then, when you leave arrivals, your car will be waiting for you. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any valet parking providers available at Wellington Airport. We hope to change this soon for you.

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The team at ParkCare work extremely hard to make sure that the best parking providers and the best prices are found for you. By always offering the lowest price for our large selection of parking options you can be sure to find the best parking space for you, no matter your requirements. We also aim to make booking parking a much easier and quicker process for better convenience for everyone. This is why it only takes a few minutes to reserve with us. If you have any questions for us or need help then feel free to get in contact. Our lovely customer service team is always waiting to help you with anything needed.

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Wellington Airport Parking FAQ

Yes, you can park for free near the airport for up to 10 minutes. You have the choice of either uncovered free parking (for 10 minutes) which is a 2-5 minute walk to the airport, or covered free parking (for 10 minutes) which is a 1-2 minute walk to the airport. If you wish to park for longer than this you will need to pay. Luckily, you can find the best and lowest prices for parking at Wellington Airport on this site!

ParkCare does not specifically have promotion codes for parking at Wellington Airport. However, we offer a lowest price guarantee. Which means we only offer the lowest price possible for every car park. So you won't find any better prices or deals than here! Additionally, we have no booking fees, keeping costs low.

Currently, there is only Park and Ride parking available at this airport. Park and Ride Wellington Airport works by driving to the location of the garage, parking your car and boarding a free shuttle bus to the airport. It is an incredibly easy and cheap way of parking near Wellington Airport.

If you are looking for cheap uncovered parking at Wellington Airport then you are best booking a space at Park N Depart Wellington. Park N Depart offers secure and high quality parking but at an affordable price.

Yes, both short stay and long stay parking is available. You can choose among all of our parking providers for Wellington Airport for an overnight stay.

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