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1 Book ahead of time

Parking at airports can get busy very quickly, especially during peak travel times. Such as during the summer holidays, or at Easter time. Meaning that very little spaces are left, and so prices also increase. Which is why we highly recommend booking parking in advance. When pre-booking parking you can benefit from being able to see all the available parking providers, and not just the ones left. Meaning you are more likely to get parking that suits your every need and requirement. Especially as some providers only accept pre-booking due to their low costs and high demand. Additionally, when booking in advance you can also save money, as costs are often lowered. Therefore, we suggest booking as soon as you know your travel dates or at least 14 days before you intend to fly.

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2 Read the reviews

When you book online, with a site like ParkCare, it means that you do not get to physically see the car park. Which is why we always recommend to our users to read the reviews left by previous customers. This will allow for you to see real and honest opinions about the parking providers. Letting you make the most informed decision when booking.

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3 Leave on time

Travelling can be extremely stressful. In order to reduce or avoid extra stress we advise to leave with plenty of time to get to the car park, and then the airport. We recommend checking how long it takes to get to the parking lot, and importantly, how long the journey is from the car park to the airport. As this will need to be factored into your travel time for the day. By planning in advance for this you leave no room for error, and can have peace of mind that you will arrive on time - or even with time to spare!

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4 Locate the provider, beforehand

Similarly to leaving on time, it is important to locate the parking lot in advance, to avoid additional stress. As there are many car parks around the airport, we recommend checking the exact address of the parking provider a few days before you are travelling. These details can be found in your booking confirmation, which can be printed out for extra security on the location of the car park. For the smoothest and easiest travel, we advise putting the provider address into your GPS the night before.

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5 Make note of your mileage

On the day of your travels, and upon arriving at the car park your mileage may be recorded. This is for your own safety and security, as it ensures that your car is being returned to you as it was before. If you find that the provider does not do this, then we highly suggest that you record your own mileage. As this gives you protection and security over your car, whilst you are away from it. Although, please know, it is very unlikely anything will happen to your car as ParkCare only works with trusted providers.

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6 Plan your return

To make sure your return goes as smoothly as your departure some planning is needed. Make sure, that if you didn't leave the keys with the provider, that you have your keys with you in a safe and accessible place. Once you land the best advice is to turn your phone on so you can immediately contact the provider. Then you can arrange for a pick up. This makes sure that you don't have to wait very long and you can get back to your car as soon as possible. It is also good to check that you have enough fuel or charge (for electric cars), so that you can get home safely and quickly.

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7 Don’t leave valuables in sight

When leaving your car at the parking provider, please ensure you haven’t left any belongings. If there are items that need to stay in the car, make sure to move them out of sight for your own safety.

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