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Adelaide Airport Parking

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Useful information for parking at Adelaide Airport

🚗 Number of parking lots: 4 parking lots
⭐ Best rated: Andrew’s Airport Parking Adelaide
🤲 Best value: Andrew’s Airport Parking Adelaide
✈️ Closest to airport: Airport Security Parking Adelaide
Map of parking providers airport Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport Parking

Finding inexpensive and high quality parking at Adelaide Airport can be difficult, however, this is made simple and easy with ParkCare. Our site works by comparing all the parking providers that are available for the airport, to make sure the best price and overall parking facility is found. We cater to whatever you need, whether this is Adelaide Airport long term parking or short term. As the Airport welcomes over 8 million passengers each year it can become overwhelming to find the best and safest parking for your car, whilst still keeping within a budget. ParkCare wishes to help you with this and remove the stress in searching for parking. We offer for a wide range of providers, that we have checked through, that you can compare between them until you find the best one. This can be based on all your personal needs and requirements for parking, short or long term parking, or even inside or outdoor parking. You can even choose between different parking options, like shuttle parking, park & walk or valet parking. Whatever it is, ParkCare has got you covered.

To ensure you of the best service, we have no additional booking fees when you reserve through our site, this helps keep our prices low. You can also read our real and honest customer reviews. This gives you insight into the experiences of previous customers. In which 96% recommend ParkCare.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordable parking at high-quality providers at Adelaide Airport or any other Australian Airport, then ParkCare is the right place for you. On this page you will find instructions on how to book with us (which only takes a few easy minutes), possible parking provider options and more general information about parking. Still need any guidance or help? Feel free to contact us or visit our useful frequently asked questions page.

Cheap Parking at Adelaide Airport

Locating inexpensive car parking Adelaide Airport, is made easy by using ParkCare. Our site always offers you the lowest price possible, meaning you can find parking within your budget and save more money towards your traveling. This also means you can safely browse between all the parking providers, knowing that the best price is guaranteed to be offered. This is all possible due to our close relationship with the parking providers, in which we can match or beat the prices being offered by the providers themselves. Direct contact with the providers also results in no additional booking fees, as no commission is being added. While ParkCare offers the lowest price, we also check all our providers and confirm that they are all of great standard and quality.

Our customers always come first


ParkCare always places importance on customer interests and satisfaction. Meaning we are always here to help you with any question or problem, or even just to help you find affordable and high-quality parking. You can be completely sure that your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority. This is also why we take reviews seriously. ParkCare only has honest and real reviews available. So that we can see our customer satisfaction but also so you can see what actual customers thought of our service and the specific parking providers. Currently among our 60 000+ happy customers, 96% recommend our services to find inexpensive airport parking.

Where are the parking lots located?

Adelaide Airport

To offer visual guidance for the locations of parking at Adelaide Airport we have added a map on the side. This shows all the official parking lots beside the airport, allowing you to make an informed decision on what parking is best for you and your needs. Importantly, these official parking lots tend to be more expensive as they are conducted by Adelaide Airport. For this reason, ParkCare has formed close relationships with unofficial and independent parking providers. These providers are just as reliable and good in quality. We check all our providers to make sure they are all safe, secure and first-rate. It is vital to us that the ParkCare standards match in all of our providers, so you can easily and carelessly browse among all the options provided. Importantly, these providers mostly have cheaper pricing, making parking more affordable. Independent providers are also often found further away from the airport, but this is not a problem as most offer shuttle-bus or valet services to get you to the airport in no time stress-free.

How to get the best parking?

To make it easier for you we have made a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a booking on our site, which can be found below. These few quick steps will show you exactly how our reservation process works. By following these steps you will be sure to finding the perfect and affordable parking space that match all your needs and requirements.

The first step for making a booking is to fill in the needed information. This includes the airport you are flying from and your flight details. After you have entered this information on our comparison tool, you then need to click 'search'. This will bring you to a page full of parking provider options.

Once you have been taken to the page filled with all the parking providers available you can start to compare between them. You can even use our filter function to narrow down the search results to exactly what you are looking for. When looking and comparing the providers you can find a list of the pros to the parking, and specific services they offer which may be important to you. This includes services such as car washing, repairing or detailing. You will also see the different parking types that you can choose between, such as shuttle parking. If you wish to read more about one of the providers then you can click on their profile to find more detailed information.

When you have found the perfect parking provider then the next step is to make a reservation. This can be done directly on our site in just a few minutes. You just need to click the reserve button and then fill out all the needed details. Afterwards you need to pick a payment method that works best for you and then pay.

The final step to reserving a parking space is checking your email for a booking confirmation. This will be sent to the email that you filled in during the booking process. If you cannot find the email then please check your spam folder. This email needs to be kept safe as it contains all the vital details of your booking, including the contact details of the provider you chose. If you have received this confirmation email then the booking process is complete, meaning you have secured a parking space. If you have any problems then get in touch with us through our contact page or check out our frequently asked questions page, to find some answers.

The different types of parking

For Adelaide Airport there is a variety of parking types that you can choose between, this is a personal choice of what you are specifically looking for. The different types of parking can be found below, along with a quick description of what they actually involve. These brief descriptions will help you decide what type suits your needs more. Importantly, each parking provider also offers additional facilities and services which can effect your choice. To find out more about this read on below.

Shuttle parking is a popular choice for parking at Adelaide Airport. This is because the process for parking is simple and easy. After making a reservation, you just need to drive to the parking lot, take your luggage and board a complimentary shuttle bus. The bus will take you and your bags to your needed terminal/departure hall. This gets you to the airport quickly and efficiently. 

For returning to your car, you only need to contact the provider and arrange a time for the shuttle-bus to meet you at the airport. You and your bags will then be taken back to your car.

Valet parking is an extremely stress-free and easy parking option for Adelaide Airport. For valet you simply drive your car, on the day of your flight, directly to the airport. You will then be met by staff from the parking provider who will help you with your bags and then take your car to their parking lot. This means you waste no time driving to a parking provider, as you only need to drive to the airport you are already going to. 

When returning to Adelaide, a staff member will be waiting for you with your car. Meaning, once you leave the airport (arrival hall) there is no waiting as you can immediately get in your car. This is why valet parking is seen as a more premium services as it could not be more convenient.

For simple car parking at Adelaide Airport, park & walk is an excellent choice. This parking type means that the parking lot, where you will leave your car, is so close to the airport that you can simply walk. So on the day of your flight and after making a reservation, you drive to the parking location and leave your car and then you can immediately make your way to the airport. This means you can keep your keys with you and walk to your desired terminal quickly, making this parking type one of the fastest. 

When returning to your car, you just need to walk back to the parking provider and collect your car. This keeps parking easy and comfortable.

Flying from Adelaide Airport at a difficult time or live far away? Then park, sleep & fly might be the best option for you. This parking type means that you stay overnight at a hotel close to the airport. In which, you will also leave your car at the secured hotel parking. On the morning/day of your flight you and your luggage will be transported to the airport by the hotel.

Upon returning from your travels, you simply need to contact the hotel and they will arrange for you to be picked up and brought back to your car. You can then either stay another night at the hotel or take your car immediately. The choice is up to you!

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The team at ParkCare work extremely hard to make sure that the best parking providers and the best prices are found for you. By always offering the lowest price for our large selection of parking options you can be sure to find the best parking space for you, no matter your requirements. We also aim to make booking parking a much easier and quicker process for better convenience for everyone. This is why it only takes a few minutes to reserve with us. If you have any questions for us or need help then feel free to get in contact. Our lovely customer service team is always waiting to help you with anything needed.

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FAQ Adelaide Airport Parking

Unfortunately not, there are no free parking options at Adelaide Airport. However, with ParkCare there are many affordable parking options. This is because we offer only the lowest price possible and will charge you no additional booking fees. ParkCare does not take any commission from the parking providers, ensuring you of a lower price for parking. By booking in advance through ParkCare you will be able to get inexpensive parking that matches all your needs and requirements.

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. The overall location, type of parking and even the time of year will play a role in effecting the price of parking. This can make booking a parking space stressful as searching for the best price can be a challenge. However, with ParkCare, we allow you to compare between all the providers available during your travels. This means you can then compare between each parking lot until one meets all your needs. This is also done with the comfort of knowing that you are being offered the lowest price possible.

Yes! Most of our providers offer long-term parking options. Additionally, amazing deals are sometimes created for long-term parking, as price per day becomes cheaper the longer you park your car for. This makes it more accessible and affordable to park for longer.

You can find a map with the location of the car parks on this page, if you scroll back up. On this map you will find all the official parking locations for Adelaide Airport. To find the location of the unofficial parking providers you simply need to click on their personal page. There you will find a map of the specific provider and how long it takes to get to the airport from there.

Yes. You have a much better chance of getting a cheaper and overall better price if you book in advance. This also ensures you of a parking space as the airport can get quite busy, with many people booking parking spaces. Booking in advance also allows for you to compare between a variety of parking providers and make sure you are reserving a space that matches all that you are looking for at a low price, rather than what is just available.

No, when choosing shuttle parking a complimentary bus is available to take you to the airport that is needed. They will also pick you up for free on your return. Some parking providers have shuttle-buses that will take you directly to your needed terminal, whereas, others have scheduled buses that you will have to board at a specific time. Either way you will be guaranteed to get to the airport in plenty of time.

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